Figure 3: T cell activity in purified MTB H37RV antigens of MTB. Figure 3 shows T cell activity a) ADA b) IFN-? c) TNF-alpha in 48 hrs cell supernatants of short term PBMC induced with purified MTBH37RVantigens (Ag85, CFP-10, 45kd, GroEs, ESAT-6, Hsp-16) and BCG vaccine (F-BCG). Cell represents control without any induction. BCG vaccine is used as positive control to compare its T-cell activity with that of selected panel of MTBH37RVantigens (Ag85, CFP-10, 45kd, GroEs, ESAT-6, Hsp-16). Each bar in the figure represents mean values of triplicates. P value <0.05 was considered statistically significant (* significant & ** highly significant values). (Note: we observed T-cell activity in 48 hrs culture supernatants; hence only activity in 48 hrs is reported in figure)