Figure 2: Light micrographs. Semithin longitudinal section of the fourth adult phases of An. Pharoensis after blood meal 24 h (a) and 32 h (b, c, and d). Methylene blue stain 100. Light micrographs of the fifth adult phase after blood meal 40 h. Methylene blue stain; 20 (e), 40 (f), 100 (g). Showing that CH chromatin, ENC endochorion, EXC exochorion, F1 primary follicle, FE follicular epithelial cell, FEN follicular epithelial cell nucleus, G germarium, MY micropyle pore, NC nurse cell, NCN nurse cell nucleus, O oocyte, ON oocyte nucleus, VM vitelline membrane, Y1 large yolk spheres, Y2 small yolk spheres.