Disease Scientist Source Year
Rabies Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux Virus harvested from dead rabbits 1885
Polio 1.Transmitted to monkeys– Landsteiner and popper ------- 1908  
2. Preparation of serum by inoculating in horse- Pettit ------- 1917
3. Same by using chimpanzee
(neither of them proved effective than Netters serum)
------- 1932  
Rotaviral diarrhea Ruth bishop was first to describe the virus From the faeces of children 1973
Thomas Henry Flewett suggested the name rota virus ------- 1974
First licensed vaccine Cell cultures developed from monkey kidneys + trypsin 1998
Infectious bursal diarrhea The virus recognized ------- 1967
Foot and mouth disease Friedrich Loeffler   Described the cause and showed virus in the filterate 1897
Waldmann and Pape Used animal model to show the virus
------- : Source not mentioned.
Table 1: Development of conventional vaccines with their inventor [4].