Figure 3: Disease progression of untreated and CEL-2000 treated collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) mice.
A. Arthritic Index (AI) of CIA mice (n=8). DBA/1J mice (7–8 week old males) received 2 injections 100μg bovine collagen, the first emulsified with CFA (day 0) and then 3 weeks later (day 21), in IFA. On day 31, the mice were grouped to have a balanced range of scores between 1 and 6 per group with a mean score ~3.5.
Therapy was initiated after grouping of mice on day 31 of study. J-LEAPS conjugate CEL-2000 (100nmol) was administered in ISA51vg adjuvant (courtesy Immunovaccine Inc.) on days 0 and 14 after grouping (arrows). Control groups were either untreated or treated with TNF-α receptor antagonist, etanercept (Enbrel®). Chart shows average AI and standard deviation.
B. Examples of hind limbs of CIA-affected mice. Severity is scored on a scale of 1-4 for each paw, with a maximum score of 16 per animal. Representative paws with the indicated clinical score are shown