Figure 6: JgD immunization prevents the progression of HSV zosteriform disease.
Comparison of disease progression in unvaccinated and mice vaccinated with the JgD vaccine and then challenged with HSV-1 H129 (6 × 104 pfu) by epidermal abrasion. Mice were observed for lesion development for up to 10 days post-infection. Lesion score: scores of 1 or 2 indicates local site lesions; score ≥3 indicates progression to secondary site (zoster spread); score of 7 indicates death. JgD vaccinated mice had significantly (Student’s t-test P < 0.05) lower disease symptoms (from day 3) as compared to the Seppic ISA-51 treated control mice (A), and fewer mice were affected by zosteriform lesions (B). (C) Representative photographs of control (Top, not infected) and unvaccinated infected mice exhibiting zosteriform lesions (middle) to severe (score of 6) at the bottom.