Groups Total number a Positive (%) MCA(SD) b EU/mL CI 95 P value for MCA levels
Group A before boosting 114/79(69.3) 68.19(38.46) 60.15-77.43 Group A vs. B. P<0.0001
Group B 4-6 wks after 113/106(93.8) 152.82(70.31) 137.6-164.6 Group B1vs. B2. P=0.776
B1: Seronegative women before 32/31(96.87) 154.58(64.19) 132.90-177.20  
B2: Seropositive women before 75/81(92.6) 149.81(73.18) 130.90-166.80 Group A vs.C. P<0.0001
Group C 12 months after 97/80(82.4) 107.00(44.75) 97.08-117.00 Group A vs.D. P<0.001
Group D 28 months after 68/52(76.5) 91.38(40.10) 80.22-102.50 Group D vs. E, P=ns
Group E: 43 months after 47/34(72.3) 76.71(26.49) 67.46-85.95 Group A vs. E, P<0.05
aP value differences between seropositive subjects in each studied group: A vs. B: P<0.0001; A vs. C: P<0.05; A vs. D: P=ns; A vs. E: P=ns
bMCA: mean concentration of antibodies
Table 1: Immunologic responses of studied women to one dose of dTaP booster immunization, and the kinetics of seroimmunity during 43 months study period. Sari – Iran 2008-2011.