Figure 7: Expression of JUNV GPC from bi-cistronic vector in BHK-21 cells, by indirect immunofluorescence.
(A) construction of bivalent JUNV/MACV VLPV. (B) detection of JUNV GPC my monoclonal antibodies in IFA.BHK-21 cells were incubated with VLPV containing bi-cistronicTC-83 vector expressing JUNV GPC and MACV GPC. VLPVs were diluted 100-fold and incubated with BHK-21 cell monolayer for 16 hr at 37C in 8-well chamber slides. Then, cells were fixed with cold acetone, and indirect IFA was performed using JUNV-specific monoclonal antibody, GB03-BE08. (C) Western blot analysis using GB03-BE08 and rabbit polyclonal against MACV GPC.