Category Stakeholders
Financial Donors, funders, major partners/international partners (e.g., Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI Alliance, World Bank, OECD), government development agencies (e.g., USAID, NORAD, DFID), Bi-laterals and Multi-laterals, broad financial community (private sector)
Public health policy makers All levels of policy makers in the public health community, governments, (e.g., national Ministers of Health and Finance, national health system and immunization officials, political leaders and elected representatives, bureaucrats and program managers
Technical Scientific community, technical advisors, academics, national government staff, researchers
Health systems Pediatricians, clinicians, professional medical associations, nurses
Intervention producers Manufacturers, supply chain managers
Civil society Religious, cultural, and opinion leaders, civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations, community mobilizers, educators, special interest groups, volunteers
Lay audiences Media, interest groups, individuals
Table 2: Stakeholders identified as target audiences for investment cases.