Figure 2: Immunization regime dependentKdGag197-205-specific CD8+ T cell responses, following FPV-HIV/VV-HIV prime-boost immunization.
BALB/c mice (n=4 per group) were immunized i.n./i.n. (white bar), i.n./i.m. (grey bar) and i.m./i.m. (black bar) with FPV-HIV/VV-HIV, unimmunized mice were kept as a control. At 14 days post-boost immunization, (A) percentages of KdGag197-205-specific CD8+ T cells were measured using tetramer staining as indicated in methods. (B) IFN-γ and (C) IL-3 expression by splenic CD8+ T cells were measured by intracellular cytokine staining. Splenocytes were stimulated with KdGag197-205 peptide, unstimulated cells from each sample were used as background controls and this value was subtracted from each sample before plotting graph. Data are representative three experiments. The data represent mean plus standard error of mean and p values were calculated using student unpaired t-test.