Tx-no vac-flu
Tx-vac-no flu
Number of patients treated with oseltamivir (%) 17 (94%) 6 (100%) 4 (33%)* N/A
Duration of treatment with oseltamivir (days) {median IQR]} 5 [5-7] 7.5 [5-10] 5 [5]
Tx-vac-flu=Transplant recipients who developed influenza despite influenza vaccination
Tx-no vac-flu=Transplant recipients who developed influenza in the absence of influenza vaccination
Healthy-flu=Healthy people who developed influenza
Tx-vac-no flu=Transplant recipients who received influenza vaccination and did not develop influenza
N/A=not applicable. IQR=interquartile range
*P=0.0006 compared to the tx-vac-flu group
P=not significant for all other comparisons to the tx-vac-flu group in this table.
Table 5: Treatment.