1 Is a vaccine available to prevent cervical cancer?
2 To which invasive cancer is HPV linked?
3 Which etiological agent causes genital warts?
4 Is having a history of abnormal PAP smear a reason not to receive HPV vaccine?
5 Would regular PAP smears be needed after HPV vaccination?
6 Would safe sex practices be needed after HPV vaccination?
1 Pertussis disease is associated with what type of symptoms?
2 The average duration of pertussis illness is?
3 Is immunity against pertussis, either via natural infection or vaccine, life long?
4 Is a pertussis vaccine for use in adults is licensed and available in the United States?
1 The most common complication of influenza is?
2 Routine influenza vaccination is recommended for which persons?
3 The best time to receive influenza vaccine is?
*all questions are multiple choices with options provided
Table 1: Knowledge score questions.