Positive opinion Negative Opinion Number of Discussion Groups that this or Similar Opinion Were Held Number of Discussants that had this or Similar Opinion
  Vaccine Preventable Diseases are caused by witches and wizards. All (4) groups 36 out of 48 discussants.
  Sacrifices necessary to prevent disease. 3 out of 4 groups 24 out of 48 respondents
  Vaccines can cause disease they are meant to prevent. All ( 4) groups 20 out of 48 discussants.
Vaccines are useful in preventing certain childhood diseases   3 out of 4 groups 20 out of 48 discussants.
  Vaccines do not work 3 out of 4 groups 18 out of 48 discussants.
  There is too much attention to polio to the neglect of other diseases like HIV/AIDS 2 out of 4 groups 3 out of 48 discussants
Without vaccines, children would be dying like chicken.   1 out of 4 groups 6 out of 48 discussants.
Table 1: Distribution of Opinion Regarding Immunization among Discussants.