Characteristics Male n=23 (40.4) Female n=34 (59.6) p-value
Demographics Mean (SE) Mean (SE)  
Age 21.28 (12.63) 26.91 (16.93)  
  n% n%  
Tribal Affiliation:
Arizona tribe
California tribe
Other tribe

19 (82.6)
4 (17.4)

21 (61.8)
5 (14.7)
8 (23.5)
Knowledge: (higher numbers indicate higher knowledge)
Method of transmission
Who can get HPV
Vaccine eligibility
Vaccine is series of shots
HPV easy to get
HPV is easily treated
HPV is serious among AIs
1 (4.4) 12 (35.3) 0.003*
Perception of Risk: (higher numbers indicate lower perception of risk)
I am likely to get HPV
Worried about HPV as much as other STIs
Males don’t have to worry about HPV
10 (43.5) 3 (8.8) <0.0001*
Prevention: (higher numbers indicate stronger prevention beliefs/activities)
I have received the vaccine
I plan on getting the vaccine
Would recommend vaccine to a friend
I do what I can to prevent myself from getting HPV
14 (60.9) 26 (67.7) 0.048*
*: significant difference between classifiers based on Chi-square or Fisher’s Exact test at alpha = 0.05
Table 1: Characteristics of American Indian College Student Knowledge and Attitude of HPV Prevention and Transmission by Gender (N=57).