Figure 2: Immunophenotyping of cells from the spleen or peritoneum from F. hepatica - infected or naïve mice. BALB/c mice were challenged with 5 metacercariae and after three weeks from infection, splenocytes (A) and PECs (B) were removed, incubated with specific antibodies, and analyzed by flow cytometry. Fifty thousand events were collected and gated on FSC vs SSC dot plot. For the identification of granulocytes or macrophages, cells were first gated on CD11b+ dots; and for Tregs, cells were first gated on CD4+, and then double positive dots for CD25 and Foxp3 were gated. Results are expressed as mean value of triplicates (± SD, indicated by error bars), each value meaning a single mouse and are representative of two different experiments. Asterisks represent differences statistically significant (*p< 0.01, **p< 0.05).