Figure 2: CFU recovery from organs of treated and infected mice. The organs CFU were estimated 60 and 120 days after infection (30 and 90 days after initiating treatment). Mice were infected intratracheally with 3x105 yeast cells of P. brasiliensis. Negative control (C-) uninfected mice; positive control (C+) infected mice with virulent non-irradiated yeast cells of P. brasiliensis; infected mice treated with fluconazole (InMed); infected mice treated with LevRad (InRad); infected mice treated with LevRad associated with fluconazole (InRadMed). The same experiments were repeated twice with similar results. Data are reported as Log10 (CFU/g) mean+standard deviations in each experimental group (n=5). *** significant (p<0.001) difference in relation to positive control. * significant (p<0.05) difference in relation InMed and InRad.