Figure 3: Histopathology of lungs and livers from intratracheally infected mice submitted to the immunization with LevRad associated or not with fluconazole. The extension and distribution of granulomas as well as the fungal burden were observed 60 and 120 days after infection (30 and 90 days after initiating treatment). (A) intense coalescent multifocal interstitial granulomatous pneumonia (HE, 40X magnification); (B) (C) intra and extracellular fungal structures with birefringent membrane characteristic of P. brasiliensis (HE, 400X magnification); (D) mild to moderate multifocal granulomas surrounded by fibrous connective tissue constituted (HE, 100X magnification); (E) discrete focal granulomatous lesion (HE, 40X magnification); (F) lung free from board fungi, inflammatory infiltrated and granulomatous lesion (HE, 40X magnification); (G) well organized discrete focal granulomatous lesions (HE, 40X magnification); (H) fungal structures inside the granulomas (HE, 400X magnification).