Figure 3: Survival rates and symptoms onset for immunized mice challenged by Lc-1 chiggers. ICR mice were immunized with either 25 μg of newly engineered r56Lc-1 emulsion (Montanide) in the presence of CpG or adjuvant only subcutaneously 3 times at 4 week intervals, rested for 4 weeks before being fed on by either control chiggers or Orientia infected Lc-1 chiggers. Vaccine infected=immunized then infected with Lc-1 chiggers; Vaccine Non-Infected=immunized controls; Adjuvant Infected=immunized with adjuvant then infected with Lc-1 chiggers and Adjuvant Non- Infected=immunized controls. (A) Survival rates are shown as representative data from 3 individual experiments (B) Symptoms onset are shown as means from 3 independent experiments of 40 mice per group. Error bars represent standard errors of the mean (SEM).