Year Mission of vaccination Legal status of vaccination Social background Triggering event
1948 Public health promotion and social security Mandatory vaccination with penalties for incompliance Recovery from the defeat in the WW second US influence through UN/GHQ
1994 Autonomy preempts social security Routine vaccination with subsidies Hypersensitivity in safety concern MMR meningitis, anti-vaccine movement for incomplete influenza vaccine
2001 Social and individual protection Classification of group 1 (maintain herd immunity) and 2 (individual protection) Re-recognition of burden of VPD re-emerging of influenza burden on elderly
2012 National security Emergency preparedness of pandemic and bioterrorism Protection of essential social employees H1N1 pandemic influenza in 2009
2013 Evidence based vaccine policy National panel for vaccine evaluation Development and importation of new vaccines HPV, Hib, PCV subsidies
Table 1: Key events and influences upon the social mission of vaccination.