Figure 3: Longitudinal analysis of serum IgG (A-C) and vaginal IgA (B-D) responses to TT (1 μg/dose) in BALB/c mice treated or untreated for 8 days with RA (20 μg/dose/day) or its vehicle (sesame oil), intranasally immunized with TT (1 μg/dose) and sistemically (i.p.) boosted with Ag in presence of Alum. Results are expressed as the IgG or IgA geometric mean titer (GMT). The anti- TT IgG titer was determined in sera and the anti-TT specific IgA in vaginal washes collected two weeks after the systemic immunization and two weeks and 8 months after mucosal priming. Bars indicate the SEM and stars (*) indicate that the differences between the group treated with RA and the groups treated with its vehicle or untreated mice are significant.