Antigen Biological Propertiesa Immunological Propertiesb
  Cell-binding   HA activity   Cell entry Elicit neutralizing antibodies Elicit protection in hamster model Activate dendritic cell
TcdA TcdB
TcdA RBD 50 nM 0.4 pmoles Fast 256 <4 No 0.4 µM
TcdB RBD 100 nM No Fast 16 64 No 1 µM
TcdB Yes** NP Yes NP Yes NP NP
aResults are from a previous [31] and the current studies
bThe immunogenicity studies of TcdA RBD will be published elsewhere
*NP means not performed
**Yes refers to information from the literature [7-23,31].
Table 2: Summary of biochemical and immunological properties of TcdA RBD and TcdB RBD.