Agent Potential use
Replication-competent controlled HSV* Preventative or therapeutic immunization against HSV
Oncolytic therapy
Replication-competent controlled HSV* expressing heterologous antigens (e.g., from HIV, influenza, M. tuberculosis) Immunization against HIV/AIDS, flu, tuberculosis, etc.
Replication-competent controlled HSV*+co-infecting viral pathogen having at least one replication-essential gene controlled by the dual-responsive gene switch (present in the controlled HSV) Immunization against the co-infecting viral pathogen (e.g., adenovirus, papilloma, polyoma, other herpesvirus, etc.)
Replication-competent controlled HSV* expressing a replication-essential gene of a co-infecting viral pathogen under gene switch control+co-infecting viral pathogen with disabled replication-essential gene Immunization against the co-infecting viral pathogen (essentially any viral pathogen capable of co-infection)
Table 1: Potential applications for a replication-competent controlled HS* The controlled HSV may express heterologous proteins that enhance immune functions (e.g., proteins functioning as cytokines). In addition, or in the alternative, certain immune evasion mechanisms may be disabled (e.g., ICP47).