Cell features and functions

Receptor expression Cytotoxicity and proliferation Effect or
molecule expression
Other function
CD3- CD122+ , LY49+, CD16- CD56Hi, CD94 (Hs); NKp64+ (Hs/Mm); NK 1.1+, NK 1.2+ and DX5+ (Mm) CXCL 8 and
CXCL12Hi (Hs); IF N-γ , VEGF-A , VEGF-B and
PLGE Hi (Mm)
ADCC and cytotoxicty decreased (Hs) Regulate endometrial remodelling, angiogenesis and implantation (Hs/Mm); uterine NK cell-derrived IF N-γ modifies vascularity (Mm)
ADCC, antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity; CXCL, CXC-chemokine ligand; DC, dendric cell; IFN-?, Interferon-?; NK, natural killer; PLGF, placental growth factor; VEGF-A, vascular endothelial growth factor-A; Hs, indicates evidence found in humans, Mm, indicates evidence found in mice, and Hs/Mm, indicates evidence found in both human and mice
Table 1: Unique features of NK cells in Uterus [48-53].