Weeks (Post-infection)             Packed cell volume (Mean ± S.D.)*
  Kashmir Marino Bakerwal Corriedale
2 27.4±1.26a 28.1±1.32ab 27.2±1.33ac
4 26.6±1.10a 27.8±0.94b 26.5±1.14ac
6 25.2±0.79a 26.4±0.93b 25.8±1.22ab
8 23.1±1.80a 24.4±0.67b 23.8±0.86ac
9 20.4±1.35a 20.7±1.40a 21.1±1.62a
Total serum protein: In all the three sheep breeds included in the study, there was a gradual decline in the values of TSP (Table 3). Values of TSP remained different among three sheep breeds from 6th to 9th week post-exposure to contaminated pasture. The level of significance in difference increased with an increase in the level of infection i.e. FEC etc. The maximum reduction in TSP values was recorded in KM (1.4 g/dl) followed by BW (1.2 g/dl) and CD (1.0 g/dl) sheep
Table 2: Packed cell volume (%) in experimental sheep breeds naturally infected with Haemonchus contortus.