Weeks (Post-infection)                Serum albumin (Mean ± S.D.)*
  Kashmir Marino Bakerwal Corriedale
14 3.6±0.25a 3.5±0.14a 3.5±0.24a
28 3.4±0.18a 3.5±0.15a 3.4±0.17a
42 3.2±0.16a 3.4±0.13b 3.2±0.25ac
56 3.0±0.38a 3.2±0.59a 3.1±0.67a
63 2.8±0.50a 3.1±0.31a 2.9±0.29a
Live weight: Maximum weight gain (1.23 kg) was recorded in CD sheep followed by BW (0.7 kg) and KM (0.5 kg) sheep (Table 5). All the sheep breeds faced a negligible increase or decrease in LW from 2nd to 6th week PI. From 6th to 9th week PI, however there was an increase in LW of all the sheep breeds included in the study.
Table 4: Serum albumin concentration (g/dl) in experimental sheep breeds naturally infected with Haemonchus contortus.