Weeks (Post-infection) Live body weight (Mean ± S.D.)*
  Kashmir Marino Bakerwal Corriedale
2 25.4±1.92a 25.2±2.41ab 20.9±2.61c
4 26.0±2.58a 25.1±3.24ab 21.0±2.81c
6 25.0±2.62a 25.1±3.44ab 20.9±2.80c
8 25.1±2.57a 25.4±3.05ab 20.9±2.85c
9 25.9±3.08a 25.9±3.18ab 21.13±3.28c
*Number of animals was 15. Means marked with same letters in a row do not differ significantly (P < 0.05)
Table 5: Live weight (kg) of experimental sheep breeds naturally infected with Haemonchus contortus.