Figure 2: Upregulation of longicin gene transcripts in female ticks 10 days after injections with T. gondii tachyazoites. (A) Gene expression of longicin amplified by RT-PCR in ticks 10 days after T. gondii or PBS injection. Bands in lanes 1 and 2 indicate 540-bp fragments of the constitutively expressed -actin of H. longicornis. A band in lane 4 (arrowhead) indicates a 159bp fragment of longicin. Lane M, molecular markers; lanes 1 and 3, ticks injected with PBS; lanes 2 and 4, ticks injected with T. gondii. (B) The data are expressed as the ratio of the density of longicin to the density of -actin products from the same template. This data is shown to represent data in 3 different experiments. Similar results were observed in 3 different experiments.