Parameter Type of captive setting
Commercial wild boar farm (VS) Wildlife breeding research station (KS) Zoo (KK)
Number of wild boars 20 16 17
Wild boar replacementstrategy Reproducing within the farm and purchasing from other farms Reproducing within the station and obtaining from donations Reproducing within the zoo and obtaining from donations
Vaccination against PRRSV and M. hyopneumoniae No No No
Domestic pig density in the area of study site
(heads per square meters)*
4.50-7.43 147.00-777.56 63.51-148.99
Prevalence of PRRSV in domestic pigs in the area of study site (%) ** 53.6 35.1 30.5
Prevalence of M. hyopneumoniae in domestic pigs in the area of study site (%) *** N/A**** 2.08-45.00 2.08-45.00
*Knips [4] **Tummaruk et al. [3], ** Boonsoongnern et al. [6], **** N/A = not available
Table 1: Some important characteristics of each studied captive setting and the area of study site.