Figure 1: Scanning electron micrographs (SEMs) of the anterior end of adult Haemonchus contortus.
(a, b) SEMs of normal fresh worm showing the mouth with six semicircular rudimentary lips and a pair of spine-like cervical papillae. The cuticle is transversally striated and with lateral ridges (Inset). (c, d) Following 24 h of incubation with 10 μg/ml ASO, showing slightly more swollen cuticle than normal with less pronounced transverse striations (Inset). (e-g) Following 24 h of incubation with 50 μg/ml ASO, revealing wrinkled and corrugated cuticular surface with ill distinguished cuticular striations. (h, i) Following 24 h of incubation with 100 μg/ml ASO, showing severely folded and corrugated cuticle (Inset) and small areas of lesions scattered over its surface.