Horse 1 Horse 2 Horse 3 Horse 4
Signalment 7yo TB mare 9.5yo App mare 32yo Arab mare 23yo QHx mare
Baseline Synovial TNCC: 160 80 50 440
Baseline Synovial TP: <2.5g/dL <2.5g/dL <2.5g/dL <2.5g/dL
Euthanasia at day: 9 4 5 8
L carpus synov TNCC 720 18960 940 760
L carpus synov TP 6.0 g/dL 5.4 g/dL 4.0 g/dL 3.3 g/dL
R carpus synov TNCC 160 140 n/a n/a
R carpus synov TP <2.5 g/dL <2.5 g/dL n/a n/a
Synoviocentesis results for all horses pre- and post-injection, including controls (Right middle carpal joint of 2 horses). TNCC: total nucleated cell count. TP: total protein. L carpus: left middle carpal joint. R carpus: right middle carpal joint. TB: thoroughbred. App: appaloosa. Arab: Arabian. QHx: quarter horse cross. G/dL: grams per deci-liter.
Table 1: Laboratory results of each animal’s synoviocentesis and the study day on which the animal was euthanatised.