ID Dog breed Age Primary mammary tumour Metastases  at  post-mortem examination
O 389 Boxer Not Combined The lungs
    known Osteosarcoma  
117 Giant 11 Spindle cell tumour The lungs
  Schnauzer years (R4)*)  
      osteosarcoma (R5)  
143 Airedale terrier 11 Combined The mediastinallnn**), lungs,
    years osteosarcoma (L5) myocardium and kidneys
144 Giant 11 Combined The    sternal lnn,    lungs,
  Schnauzer years osteosarcoma (L5) pericardium, myocardium,
        pleura, diaphragm, spleen and
353 Papillion 15 Combined The lungs and kidneys
    years osteosarcoma (R1)    
*) Tumour location: L = left side and R = right side, numbered from the cranial to the caudal mammary glands (1-5); **) Lnn = lymph nodes
Table 1: Data of the dogs and tumours included in the study.