Agent Route Dosing Indication
TNF Inhibitors (MID Etanercept sq 50 mg weekly Moderate to severe RA
Infliximah iv 3 mg/kg at 0.2.6 necks, then every ft weeks thereafter: dose may be Increased to 10 mg/kg: Interval may be decreased to every • weeks. Administer with tnethOtrexate. DMARD naive RA Moderate to severe RA DMARD naive RA
Adalimumab sq 40mg every other week: Interval can be decreased to every week Moderate to severe RA DMARD naive RA
Golimurnab Sri 50 mg every month Moderate to severe RA DMARD naive RA
Certobzumabpegol sq 400 mg at 2.4 weeks then 200 mg every 2 weeks thereafter. 400 mg every 4 weeks is an alternative (or maintenance. Moderate to severe RA OMARD naive RA
Other approved biologics      
Ritaximab Iv 1000Ing at 0. 15 days then based on clinical symptoms (not more frequently than every 16 weeks) Moderate to severe RA. after failure of TNF antagonist
Abatacept Iv/sq Iv route: Weight based (<601r4:500mg. 60-100Kg: 750mg. >100KR:1000mg) at 0.2.4 weeks and then every
• weeks thereafter. SQ route: 125 mg weekly following
• Single Iv Manion ( lOms/ks)
Moderate to severe RA DMARD naive RA
Tocilizumals iv Draggles event 4 weeks. May be Increased to 8 mg/lCg (not to exceed 800rng per infusion). Moderate to severe RA. after failure & TNF antagonist
Investigational Drugs   Mechanism of Action Completed study stage
CP-690.550 (tofacitinib) PO AK 3 Inhibition Phase II
R788 ((ostamatinib) PO Syk Inhibition Phase II
Atacicept iv Anti- IlLyS/APSUL Phase II
AIN457 iv IL-17 inhibition Phase I/11
Orselizumab iv Anti-CD20 Monoclonal Antibodies Phase III
Ofatumumab     Phase 1/11
Apilimodmesylate (STA-5326)  PO 1L-12/11-23 Inhibition Phase 11 trials
Parnapimod VX-702  PO P38 MARK Inhibition Phase II
Table 1: Summary of FDA-approved biologics and current investigational drugs for the treatment of RA.