Tests Samples (T. maritimum) Standard* T. maritimum
1 Colony shape Uneven edge Uneven edge
2 Colony colour Pale yellow Pale yellow
3 Gram stain -ve rods -ve rods
4 Motility test Motile Motile
5 Oxidase test +ve +ve
6 Catalase test +ve +ve
7 Nitrate reduction +ve +ve
8 Congo red reduction +ve +ve
9 Flexirubin-type pigments -ve -ve
10 KOH -ve -ve
11 Hydrolysis of Esculin -ve -ve
*According to Avendaño- Herrera et al. [16,19] and Mouriño et al. [27].
Table 1: The morphological and biochemical characteristics of isolated T. maritimum (samples) compared with standard isolate using conventional biochemical and API20E tests.