Variables T1 T2 T3 T4 SEM SL
Initial BW (kg) 16.2 17.4 16.6 16.8 0.537 Ns
Final BW (kg) 18.8b 22.6a 21.8a 22.6a 0.788 **
ADG (g/day) 29.6b 57.4a 58.3a 64.8a 4.75 ***
FCE (g ADG/g DMI) 0.053b 0.083a 0.090a 0.095a 0.0067 **
a-cmeans with different superscripts in a row are significantly different at ***(P<0.001); **(P<0.01); *(P<0.05); Ns=non-significant.
Table 2: Body weight change of Hararghe highland sheep fed natural pasture grass hay basal diet and supplemented with dried tomato pomace and concentrate feed.