Give an answer (yes or no)
1. The students help each other in this group
2. The students show signs of satisfaction and freedom in this group
3. The students agree and adapt in this group
4. The students give constructive suggestions and advice each other in this group
5. The students express their opinions, feelings, emotions and wishes in this group
6. The students give advice and reports, repeats and clarify in this group
7. The students ask for guidance and information, repetition and confirmation in
this group
8. The students ask for each other’s opinions and emotions in this group
9. The students ask for suggestions and advice from each other in this group
10. The students show disagreement, passive rejection or formality in this group
11. The students show tension (ask help, withdraw) in this group
12. The students show aggression and they have a need to defend in this group
Table 3: The checklist for teacher