Pond Month Influent Effluent % removal
Anaerobic Winter 9.00E+09 5.80E+08 94
  Summer 1.00E+10 6.10E+08 94
  Post manson 1.05E+10 5.90E+08 94
Facultative Winter 7.32E+06 6.10E+05 92
  Summer 6.47E+06 3.54E+05 95
  Post manson 4.64E+06 3.14E+05 93
Maturation Winter 5.60E+04 1.03E+03 98
  Summer 6.50E+04 7.50E+02 99
  Post manson 6.60E+04 8.20E+02 99
Table 4: Concentration in CFU/100ml and percentage removal for fecal coliforms in different cells of WSP estimated for different seasons in year 2008-09.
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