Posture/exercise Name Description/comments Time (min)
Corpse Savasana Resting and restorative pose 5
Dynamic warm-up exercise Walking, joint exercises and stretching 5
Mountain Tadasana Basic standing pose 2
Corpse Savasana Resting and restorative pose 5
Half Spinal twist Ardha Matsyendrasanaa Half lateral twist pose 3
Head-to-knee Paschimottanasana Sitting in a forward bend 3
Wind Relieveing Ardha Pavana-muktasanaa Half knee to chest pose 3
Wind Relieveing Pavana-muktasana Knee to chest pose 3
Buttocks  Urdhva Mukha Paschimottanasana On the buttoks pose 1
Plough Alazana Plough pose 3
Ear-knee Karna Peedasana Knees clasping ears, from plough 3
Shoulder stand Sarvangasana Every part or complete inversion 3
Inverted Viparitakarani Mudra On the high back and forearms 3
Fish Matsyasana Fish pose 3
Wheel Chakrasana Wheel pose 1
Cobra Bhujangasana Serpent or snake pose 1
Lobster  Ardha Salabhasana On the abdomen 0.5
Crocodile Makarasana Lie on your stomach 3
Bow Dhanurasana Bow pose on abdomen 0.5
Camel Ustrasana Backbend, hands to heels 1
Kneeling Vajrasana Thunderbolt or diamond pose 3
Warrier Supta Virasana Lying back lowered to floor 3
Head Stand Shirsasana On the head and supported by the forearms 1
Warrior Virasanab Also called hero pose, sitting 5
Butterfly Baddha Konasana Sitting pose 3
Perfect Siddhasanac Devine or adept pose 5
Lotus Padmasanac Lotus sitting pose 5
Triangle Trikonasanaa Standing Extended
Triangle Pose
Hands-to-feet Padahastasana Standing on hands in forward bend 1.5
Corpse Savasana Resting and restorative pose 2
a Performed on left and right side. b Performed with breathing exercises (pranayamas). cPerformed with meditation exercises. Detailed descriptions and pictures can be obtained in Arjuna. [30]]
Table 1: Sequence of Intensive Hatha Yoga Program.