Pose (Asana) Movement
Series 1: Supine on Floor with knees bent and spine & head supported
3-part breath
(dirga pranayama)
Inhale and exhale segmentally into belly, ribs and chest
Shoulder girdle press
(setu bandhasana prep)
Press shoulder blades toward chest and press shoulders into extension
Arms to sky
(supta ardha hastasana)
Press arms into sockets and 90 degrees of flexion and return arms by sides
Neck stretch
(Jalandhara bandha)
Shoulder blades press into chest and chin drops toward sternum
Arms overhead
(supta utthita hastasana)
Press arms into sockets and take arms into full flexion and return
Leg extension
(ardha supta tadasana)
Extend one leg on exhale and return on inhale, then both legs together
Half bridge
(ardha setu bandhasana)
On exhale, curl tailbone and lift hips, inhale release hips
Knees to chest
(ardha apanasana)
Draw one knee to chest at a time and hold
(Jathara parivartanasana)
With lower back in flexion, draw both knees to one side with support
Wing press Abduct shoulder and flex elbows 90degrees, pressing arms into floor and relax
Series 2: Seated in a chair with support for neutral pelvis
Victorius breath
(Ujjayi Pranayama)
Lengthen inhales and exhales, slightly constricting throat
Arms forward and up
(Utthita Hastasana)
Bring one arm into full flexion, alternate, then both
Prayer hands
(Namaste Vinyasa)
Palms press into each other at heart and open arms into 90 degrees of abduction
Cow face
Using strap in hands for support, one arm in full shoulder and elbow flexion and opposite arm behind back in shoulder extension and elbow flexion, both sides
  1. Press shoulder blades into chest and extend thoracic spine and release
  2. Extend shoulders and place hands on back of chair and repeat actions
Warrior 2
(Virabhadrasana II)
One leg bent in external rotation and knee flexion and opposite leg straight and arms in 90 degrees of abduction
Leg lifts
(Uttitha hasta pandhangustasana)
  1. Lift one foot off floor and return and alternate legs  
  2. Extend knee and lift leg and return with alternate legs
Axial rotation of thoracic and cervical spine using hands as levers, change rotation of cervical spine
Sun Salute
(Surya Namaskar)
Inhale arms into full flexion via abduction, and exhale release arms by side hip flexion with neutral spine, inhale to vertical spine and shoulder flexion via abduction and exhale to arms by side
Series 3: Seated on floor and prone on the mat
Seated cross legged on blanket/Sukhasana with  breath retention
(kumbhaka pranayama)
Sitting crossed legged with support, inhale 4 counts, hold 2 counts, exhale 4 counts, hold with breath out 2 counts
Cat & cow pelvic tilts
(Marjariasana & bitilasana)
On all fours,
  1. Pelvic tilt , lumbar extension/flexion on breath
  2. Partial cow, Thoracic extension/flexion on breath
  3. Full cat/cow, coordinating A&B
Balancing cat & cow/prep for Warrior 3
(Virabhadrasana III)
On all fours maintain neutral spine,
  1. Extend one knee and hip and return to all 4s
  2. Flex one shoulder and return to all 4s
  3. Contralateral, first lift one leg and add opposite arm
(salabhasana I)
Blanket(s) under torso and lying prone and shoulders in 90 degrees of abduction,
  1. Lift arms slightly off floor
  2. Lift arms then chest slightly off floor
  3. A&B and add one leg lifting and alternate
  4. A, B C, both legs lift
Sphinx pose
(bhujangasana prep)
From prone position, come onto forearms and press shoulder blades into back and stretch chest while engaging abs
(salabhasana II)
Blanket(s) under torso and lying prone with shoulders in full flexion,
  1. Contralateral lift of one arm and one leg and alternate
  2. Lift only legs
  3. Lift legs and then arms
Knees to chest
Turn onto back and hug knees to chest
(Jathara parivartanasana)
With lower back in flexion, draw both knees to one side with support
Series 4: Standing with chair for balance as needed
Breath retention
(kumbhaka pranayama)
Lying on back with support and knees bent, inhale halfway and hold 2 counts, then inhale fully and hold 2 counts, exhale completely
Standing with feet hip width
  1. Standing with feet hip width, inhale arms into full flexion and exhale into deep knee flexion with minimal hip flexion
  2. Standing with back on wall and feet away from wall as knees flex and shoulders flex 90 degrees
  3. Same as B. with arms in full flexion
Mountain sway
(Tadasana sway)
Shift weight forward and back, side to side and circles from ankles in both directions, maintaining neutral pelvis and spine
Standing shoulder stretch
(Tadasana with setu bandhasana arms)
While standing, externally rotate and extend shoulders and clasp hands behind back
¼ sun salute and hold arms up
(¼ surya namaskar with hastasana)
Stand and abduct arms to full flexion, exhale arms by side
Warrior 1
(Virabhadrasana I)
Tandem stance with feet hip width, front knee bends and opposite arm flexes and back leg straight; hand on chair for balance
Puppy dog
(Ardha Adho Mukha Svanasana)
Hands on wall in full wrist extension, shoulder flexion, spine neutral with hips in flexion and knees extended as hamstrings allow
4-footed staff or wall pushup
(chaturanga dandasana)
Stand facing wall almost arm’s length away from wall, wrists in extension and flex elbows with neutral spine and hips and extend, like a pushup
Table 1: Hatha Yoga program for persons with hyperkyphosis: 4 progressive series.