Domains Participants’ Reports n
Did not perceive any change Did not perceive any changes 9
Knowledge Increased knowledge 13
Learned that the exercises are useful to prevent dysfunction and not only for sexual performance 2
Self-awareness Managed to perceive changes in herself: before pregnancy the PF musculature was better 1
Began to pay more attention to her body 1
Sex life Improved her relationship with her husband because she began to talk about her sexual problems 1
Helped to reduce discomfort during sexual intercourse 1
Motivation to practice physical exercise Recommenced walking because she thought that the dysfunction could worsen 1
Motivation to practice physical exercise and PF exercises Carried out the PF exercises and has returned to working out at the gym 1
Motivation to practice PF exercises Increased self-confidence in relation to her husband and felt more confident doing the PF exercises 1
Performs the exercises and reduced urinary losses 5
Motivation to change micturitional behaviour Learned to fill the bladder before going to the toilet, now manages to empty it completely and reduced the urinary frequency 2
Table 4: Perceptions of the women concerning changes that occurred after participating in the program.