Measure Range Average Score
Inventory of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ICAMP)
Self-reported use of eight (8) possible CAM modalities for arthritis:
-Health Providers and Therapists - Vitamins and Minerals
- Rubs, Liniments, Creams and Oils  - Movement Activities
- Special Diets  - Supplements 
- Other Body Treatments - Spiritual & Mind-Body Activities
(3-7) 4.4
Physical Rehabilitation  Assessments    
Single leg stance (SLS)  -(valid range=0-30 seconds) stand on one leg, place arms across chest with hands touching shoulders and do not let legs touch each other. Close eyes once in position. Evaluate with shoes off, standing about 3 feet from wall. left (2.0-30)
right (2.7-30)
left- 14.7
right- 15.4
Functional reach  - (valid range=0-30 inches) measures the difference between arm length and maximal forward reach with the shoulder flexed to 90 degrees while maintaining fixed standing base. (10-16) 12.6
Timed up and go (TUG) - (valid range=0-40 seconds) measures the time taken by an individual to stand up from a standard arm chair, walk a distance of 3 meters, turn, walk back to the chair, and sit down.
≤10 seconds=normal
≤20 seconds=good mobility, mobile without gait aid
(5.6-12.7) 8.6
Timed Up from the Floor (valid range =0-120 seconds) used to measure the ability to get up from the floor.  Recorded in seconds then standardized using height to determine speed of task.  Higher values indicate better scores. (3.3-32.1) 10.3
Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) - a 30 item self-report questionnaire to measure physical function and symptoms in patients with musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limbs.  Valid scores range from 0-100, higher scores indicate greater difficulty.  (2.5-72.5) 37.7
Table 2: Selected Measures and Assessments.