Question Parent/Caregiver Adolescent
Other than pain, what else occurred as a result of the yoga sessions? “She felt better”
“She lost a little weight”
“She now thinks it’s not just for adults; thinks it helps with stress”
“Feeling better about himself and his health and he seems more interested in doing exercise”
“Helped him move better”
“He’s more relaxed”
“More flexibility, more energy”
“More energy and more confidence”
“Increased flexibility, better concentration”
“Right after the sessions, she felt more energetic”
“I felt more energized”
“It was easier to concentrate and study”
“I felt less worry about my weight”
“I’m more flexible and not as lazy as before”
“Feeling better about self”
“I have been in a much better mood and state of mind”
“I learned how to relax more”
“I have been doing tae kwon do, basketball, and track”
“I was more relaxed at school and home”
“Yoga has helped me with calming down and other things like that”
“Able to move more and have no problem holding a certain pose longer”
“I feel more relaxed and calm and better about myself”
“More flexible”
“Immediately following each session, I felt lighter and more energized”
What do you feel made practicing the yoga easier (for your child)? “The teacher helping her”
“She noticed she lost a few pounds”
“Thought it helped; liked the group; changed her mind about how helpful”
“Feeling good and having more energy”
“Other kids her size and age; small setting”
“That she could do it without her little brother messing with her away from home”
“Dealing with anger”
“Other kids and family support”
“More practice”
“The encouragement I got from family and friends”
“Running and riding my bike”
“Exercising and being more healthy”
“Being able to take the materials home and practice yoga, using blocks”
“It made me tall”
“Practicing yoga for me is easy because I’m flexible”
“It was away from my brother”
“I became more flexible”
What do you feel made practicing the yoga easier (for your child)?(cont.) “The environment in the class and the friendly people; inspiration”
“Small sessions”
“Provided space in bedroom”
“The breathing”
“The welcoming atmosphere”
What do you feel made practicing the yoga harder (for your child)? “Does not stretch much”
“First time it was difficult, but it got easier”
“Pain in knees due to weight”
“Trying to deal with school/yoga at the same time”
“I don’t believe practicing yoga was hard for her, but she was a little less flexible before”
“Time management”
“Getting her body into the position it needed to be in was painful for her”
“Sitting still”
“Nothing. It wasn’t hard at all”
“No sleep”
“Yoga has not been hard at all”
“Trying to do the plank poses were hard for me”
“With some of the poses introduced came pain in my back, but the pose was adapted for my individual needs and became easier”
Table 3: Qualitative data on the yoga intervention from participants and parents.