Chapter Content Foundation Description
  1   Setting Goals for PA   SMART goals protocol   30-minute health lecture and goal-setting module targeting AA female health
2 YD Warm-up West African dance 10-minute moderate activity warm-up based in the KuKu dance tradition
3 Mini-Lesson of War Pose Yoga-Prayer Twist 10-minute activity that increases the suppleness of the legs, waist, and back; tones the muscles of the shoulders and sides; builds stamina and strength; and improves balance
4 Mini-Lesson of Worship Pose Yoga-Crescent Moon 10-minute activity that strengthens and tones the muscles of the hips, thighs, and abdomen and increases the flexibility of the spine; helps develop a sense of balance
5 Mini-Lesson of Uplifting Pose Yoga-Extended Triangle 10-minute activity that stretches the body; strengthens and tones the leg muscles; improves the flexibility of the hips
6 Mini-Lesson of Swaying Tree Pose Yoga-Gate 10-minute activity that is a powerful sideways stretch that strengthens the muscles of the waist and helps trim the waistline
7 YD Stretching Sequence Physical training 10-minute stretching sequence developed by a physical trainer
Table 1: YD Intervention Description.