Phase Goals Activities
Immediate postoperative
(1 week)
Attain full extension;
Range of motion 0º-90º;
Gait with crutches and non weight- bearing;
Quadriceps strengthening 0º
Patellar mobilization;
Isometric quadríceps exercise
Early postoperative
(2 week)
Walking with crutches;
Range of motion 0°- 120°;
Open kinetic chain 45°-70°;
Patellar mobilization ;
Co-contraction of quadriceps/ hamstrings 30°;
Straight leg raise exercise in four planes;
Hip strengthening exercises
Intermediate postoperative Full extension;
Full weight bearing;
Normal gait pattern;
Open  kinetic chain 45°-90°;
Increase strength;
Weight bearing activities;
Balance and neuromuscular re-education exercises
  Co-contraction of quadriceps/hamstrings 30º; Core and hip strengthening exercises training;
Step exercise;
Stair climbing;
Core strength training
Lateral/Forward step-ups/downs;
Lateral Lunges;
Gastroc/soleus stretching;
Hamstring stretching;
Late postoperative Full motion and symmetrical strength in both knees;
Open kinetic chain (0°-90°);
Increase strength and endurance;
Increase neuromuscular control
  Wall squats 0° to 70°;
Body-weight squat 45°-90°;
Lateral/Forward step-ups/downs;
Lateral Lunges;
Increase jogging/running program;
Zig-zag running;
Sport-specific exercises;
Return to competition Symmetrical limbs;
Normal knees;
Full competition
Functional progression; Return to competition; Running;
Plyometric exercises;
Table 1: ACL Rehabilitation protocol of Sports Medicine of IOTHC/FMUSP.