Gene Symbol Sexually Dimorphic Changes (Fold Chang) P-value Top 5 of Related Drugs Major Biological Functions/Pathways
SLC3A1 2.35 7.27 × 10-12 N/A

Carbohydrate/cellular amino acid metabolism, ion/amino acid/basic amino acid/Lysine/transmembrane transport

CYP7A1 2.1 1.28 × 10-10 N/A Bile acid biosynthetic process, cholesterol catabolic process, xenobiotic/steroid/bile acid/cellular lipid metabolism, cholesterol homeostasis, oxidation-reduction process, regulation of bile acid biosynthetic process, cellular response to glucose stimulus/cholesterol
ACSL4 2 2.66 × 10-3 N/A Lipid/fatty acid/triglyceride/cellular lipid metabolism, response to nutrient, learning or memory, fatty acid transport, dendrite development, triglyceride biosynthetic process, long-chain fatty-acyl-CoA biosynthetic process, embryonic process involved in female pregnancy/response to interleukin-15
CYP3A7 1.83 9.35 × 10-8 Cisapride, Idazolam, Vitamin D, Xenobiotics Xenobiotic metabolic process, oxidation-reduction process
GSTA1 1.82 1.32× 10-4 Busulfan, Chlorambucil, Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin, Etoposide Glutathione/xenobiotic metabolism
CYP3A4 1.73 5.25 × 10-6 Alprazolam, Anthracycline, Asparaginase, Cisapride,Citalopram Lipid/xenobiotic/steroid/androgen/monoterpenoid/drug/vitamin D/heterocycle metabolic process, steroid/alkaloid/exogenous drug catabolism, oxidation-reduction process, oxidative demethylation
GSTA2 1.69 2.66 × 10-3 N/A Glutathione/xenobiotic metabolism
UGT2B17 1.59 2.00 × 10-4 Losartan Metabolic/steroid metabolic process/retinoic acidbinding/glucuronosyltransferase activity/transferase activity/ transferring hexosyl groups
SLC13A1 1.57 1.66 × 10-2 Succinic acid Transporter activity/symporter activity/sodium:sulfate symporter activity/ion transport/dium ion transport/sulfate transport/transmembrane transport
ADH1A 1.53 3.00 × 10-5 N/A Alcohol/xenobiotic metabolism, ethanol oxidation, oxidation-reduction process
Table 2: Top 10 of the most sexually differentially expressed DMETs and their biological functions.