Topoisomerase I inhibitors (CPT-11, NB-506) Topoisomerase II inhibitors (ETP, DXR)
Other drugs (CDDP, VCR, 5-FU) MDR drugs (DXR, ETP, VCR)
Alkylating agents (CDDP, CPA) NB-506
Topoisomerase II inhibitors-Non P-gPmdr (ETP) CDDP, Paclitaxel, MMC
CDDP Paclitaxel, DXR, VCR, CPT-11
Paclitaxel VCR, CDDP
Abbreviations: CPT-11, Irinotecan; NB-506, glucosyl derivative of indolocarbazole; ETP, Etoposide; DXR, Doxorubicin; CDDP, Cisplatin; VCR, Vincristine; 5-FU, 5-fluorouracil; CPA, Cyclophosphamide ; MMC, Mitomycin C
Table 1: The drugs which exhibit cross resistance each other.