Plate 1: (A-E): photographs representing immunohistology expression of cell death gene expression Caspas-3 the effect of MMV treatment along with Al damage of cerebral cortex of rat’s brain under different treatment conditions. (A) Control group (tap water), (B) Aluminium chloride (100 mg/kg.b.wt.p.o) treated group, (C) Aluminium chloride (100 mg/kg.b.wt.p.o) + MMV drug (100 mg/kg.b.wt.p.o), (D) MMV alone (100 mg/kg.b.wt.p.o) treated group, (E) AlCl3 (100 mg/kg/p.o) treated group + Rivastigmine (1.0 mg/kg/p.o) treated group.