Garlic pharmacological actions Health-promoting benefits
Inhibit cell division, induce apoptosis, block carcinogen activation, enhance DNA repair, induce detoxifying enzymes Anticarcinogenic/Antimutagentic
Inhibit microbiological growth as antibiotics Antimicrobial (antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial)
Scavenge oxidizing agents, induce SOD, GPx, GST, catalase Antioxidant
Increase proinflammatory cytokine release, stimulate natural killer cells Immuomodulatory
Inhibit enzymes in cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis Anti-hypolipidemic
Inhibit cholesterol synthesis, enhance cholesterol turnover Anti-hypocholesterolemic
Inhibit angiotensin II, induce NO and H2S, cause vasodilation Anti-hypertensive
Stimulate insulin production, interfere glucose absorption Anti-diabetic
Reduce trombosane formation, change platelet membrane Anti-thrombotic
Increase GSH levels by induction of GST Hepatoprotective
* Derived partially from the publications by Cardelle-Cobas et al. (2010) as well as Salman et al. (1999)
Table 1: Summary of garlic pharmacological actions and health-promoting benefits.**