Parameters SN Indicators
Physical 1 Frequency of flood
2 Damage of agricultural land
3 Bank cutting/sand casting
4 Damage to structure on physical properties e.g. bridge,road etc.
5 Pollution of drinking water sources
6 Transportation and mobility
7 House near the river banks
8 Settlement near the river banks
9 Change in direction of flow
10 Damage of land by flood
Social 11 Access to education
12 Activities of household head
13 Mobility of the people
Economical 14 Agricultural production
15 Land holding
16 Value of house
17 Sources of income
18 Food security
Access resources 19 Access to water
20 Access to forest
21 Access to service centres
Communication 22 Access to communication
Gender perspective 23 Women’s group formation
24 Women participation
Psychological 25 Psychological stress
Table 1: Parameters and their indicators for vulnerability assessment (Adapted from Dixit et al. [37]).