Studied beds
Nerinea bed Corals bed Acteonella bed Nerinea bed
1- Age Upper Aptian Upper Aptian Middle Albian Middle Albian
2- Bed no. 17 18 37 40
3- Thickness 0.5-1.5 m 50 cm 1 m 75 cm
  4- Lithology Yellowish brown, hard limestone Yellowish brown, sandy limestone Yellowish brown, dolomitic sandy limestone White, hard dolomitic limestone
5- Assemblage Polytaxic Polytaxic Monotaxic Monotaxic
6- State of preservation Well Well Moderate Well
7- Orientation pattern Random Random Random unimodel
8- Fragmentation Moderate Relatively high Low Low
9- Packing Dense Loose Dense Dense
10- Sorting Poor-moderate Poor Moderate Good
11- Geometry Lens Bed Bed Bed
Table 1: The main field and taphonomic properties of the study beds.