S.N. Data Type Data
1 Political administration Northern Thailand, including parts of 5 provinces (Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Tak, Kamphaeng Phet  & Nakhon Sawan)
2 Area 35,000 km2
3  Geographic Location Latitude: 15.719900 to 19.821400 Longitude: 98.071700 to 100.166000
4 Altitudinal zonation  of Ping catchments Upper Ping (Chiang Mai and Lamphun) Middle Ping (Tak) Lower Ping  (Kamphaeng Phet and Nakon Sawan)
5 Population 2,384,946
6 Annual average runoff 9,073Million M3
7 Dam (reservoir)-Bhumibol 9,662Million M3 storage capacity
8 Topography Valley, mountains and plains (54m- 2600 m above sea level)
9 Rice farming Rainfed and irrigated
Table 1: Geography of Ping River Basin.