Features Description Comment
Boundaries Location and type of boundaries for an area to be modelled (topography) Boundary types include specified flow, specified head, and head-dependent flow etc.
Geological framework Geological units and corresponding hydrostratigraphic units and model layers and associated aquifer parameters. Bedrock configuration and aquifer or aquitard characteristics Hydrostratigrahic units comprise geological units with similar aquifer properties. a geological formation may be subdivided into aquifer and confining units ( or several layers)
Hydrological framework and stresses Rate of recharge, extent of recharge area and discharge processes and dominant aquifer flow mechanisms Definition of aquifer media type (porous medium and fractured rock), and surface groundwater interaction processes (aquifer characteristics)
Human induced factors Anthropogenic influence on the system Pumping, drainage, etc
Groundwater Balance
Table 1: Data considered in conceptualisation and development of groundwater model.